Uber & Lyft Accident Attorneys – Irvine

If you were injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, our rideshare attorneys are here to help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. Very few law firms are specialized in Uber and Lyft accidents, like the lawyers at California Trial Team P.C. are. However, hiring an attorneys who specializes in Lyft and Uber accidents typically means they can negotiate a much larger settlement for you.

Any auto accident can turn your life upside down. The lost wages and the pain and suffering you have endured can be devastating. All while your medical bills continue to pile up. And an accident involving a rideshare vehicle (whether you are a driver or a passenger) can be even more confusing. Since Uber and Lyft have only been around for 10 years, the laws that apply are often unclear or a uncertain.

Fortunately, in many situations, Uber and Lyft have $1 million in liability insurance to cover accidents – and you may be entitled to compensation by law. Our team of  lawyers have experience handling ridesharing cases, and will use our legal knowledge of Uber and Lyft accident law to fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.