Spine & Brain Injury Attorneys – Irvine

Brain and spinal cord injuries are devastating – physically, emotionally and financially – for victims and their families. The brain and spinal cord control every function of the body. And, sadly, they do not repair themselves or “grow back” the way other body tissues can. The result can be permanent, lifelong disabilities – ranging from memory, cognitive or motor skill problems, to partial or complete paralysis (paraplegia and quadriplegia).

If the accident which caused a person’s brain or spinal injury was the result of someone else’s negligent, careless or malicious behavior, the victim has a right to sue to hold the person, people or company responsible.

Spinal cord and brain injuries not only interfere with the ability to work, but are also expensive to treat. This creates a great financial burden. Victims often need intensive short-term medical care, long-term physical therapy, and ongoing treatment from neurologists and spinal care specialists. Even victims with good medical insurance may not be able to afford the required treatments.

Our experienced brain and spinal injury attorneys will guide you through the legal process with compassion and skill – to help you obtain the maximum compensation. We can help you obtain the largest verdict or settlement amount – to provide you with financial security while you rebuild your life.